For those who didn't know, previously I was working with Hunter Moseley at the Center for Regulatory and Environmental Analytical Metabolomics (CREAM) at the University of Louisville. In July, the principal investigators associated with CREAM were offered an opportunity to create the Center for Systems Biology in the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky. I was offered the chance to move too, and I did. We officially moved our computing facilities on August 30, and are temporarily housed in a wet lab while we await the completion of renovations in our new space.

With the move, I'm also planning to attempt a move of my blogging platform to a github hosted version written completely in markdown, probably using samatha. This will take some work, but I think it will be better overall for what I want in a blogging platform overall. By generating static HTML, I shoudn't be dependent on what Blogger is doing, and it integrates better with the other things I am trying to do as well (especially with keeping the source of blog posts hosted on github too, you did know I was doing that right??).

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